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Fig technology is an innovation based service company. We are really happy to blend our vision in to the results that we aim at.

Transform your marketing game with paid media services and let your company and customers become more connected.

Paid media have changed marketers’ viewpoint about advertising expenditure, but not all are aware of the benefits it sets free. While advertising in television, newspapers, and radio gives great visibility, the difficulty in targeting the audience effectively has made them dawdle; this is where paid media come to the relief. Considered as the most effective alternative for driving traffic to an online storefront promptly, search ads generate leads and display ads build brands, uniting as them one will change your world and this dynamic duo is a winning marketing mix. Breaking the challenges that conventional marketing medium has to put forth, it helps in linking you with your potential audience. As your paid media partner, we create, manage, and optimize campaigns for both B2C and B2B customers.


Accomplish your business goals and get found by people at the moment that matter most with Google paid ads and beat your competitors.


Bing advertisement helps master the rapid changes in search marketing and have a better control on brand campaigns.


Scale up your web traffic, revenue, sales, leads and reach out to millions of customers with Facebook ads, the most effective, cheapest, and targeted form of advertising.


Enjoy fine-tuned, real-time gains, and unique ad targeting features which aren’t available elsewhere with Twitter ads and grow your business.


LinkedIn paid ads help grow your business, collaborate with community features while generating more revenue and increasing your ROI.

We’ll analyze your business out-and-out, gain a better understanding of your marketing goals, and recommend specific channels for increased brand awareness that result in conversions. Having said that, as far as paid media channels are concerned, the marketing objectives range somewhere from direct sales/leads to brand awareness to lead nurturing and more, therefore, we develop a personalized strategy for your brand to have greater success!

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