Infinite Innovations

Fig technology is an innovation based service company. We are really happy to blend our vision in to the results that we aim at.

It all starts with a domain name and it is the key to online success.

Propel your business into a recognized and renowned brand with a powerful, professional, and customized domain name to stand out from the crowd.

Be it on the website or in e-mails, order confirmation or the signs, the most thriving businesses out there make use of carefully planned, same set of words and images, across all customer touchpoints to make a strong branding and all these digital pieces starts with an ingenious domain name. A great domain name is equal to successful business.


Professional support around the clock

Do you have questions about domains or need any help? Already have a domain and do you want it transferred? Our dexterous team is always available with expert advice and help 24/7. Call us!

Email Services

Not everyone knows that a professional email address is more likely to give you a great conversion or a business offer. Stay on top of your customers’ minds with a memorable domain-based email address to make your business standout and promote with every message you send.


Professional Email

company-oriented professional email that facilitates customers’ trust.

24/7 Support

Have questions? Contact us at any time!


Use your custom email on your mobile devices

Spam & Virus Protection

keep your inbox clean, the advanced filters helps keep you stay away from unsolicited emails.

Read, write and send email anywhere while staying in sync wherever you are

Business Email plans that work across devices, be it smartphones or tablets; forget the hassle of deleting the same message twice between your phone, tab, or laptop, delete once and it happens across all your other devices too.

Hosting services

We provide Linux-based and Windows-based hosting solutions and support. Compatible with other operating systems and software, for a number of reasons, Linux is the most popular OS for web hosting known for affordable and scalable solutions. On the other hand, whatever your windows hosting needs, whether it is the smallest application or the largest enterprise solution, we have you covered. We proactively manage your hosting and maintain it from then on to make the web easy and offer both standard and customized packages to suit your situation and requirements. Our knowledge of the industry of web hosting is far-reaching; with constant monitoring, we check for any disruption services and stay on guard ensuring your website is always accessible to your customers. Rest assured, you can relax, knowing your website is being looked after.


SSL & Security

Leave nothing to chance; secure your website non-stop for unstoppable business and protect your customers- SSL security

While we ensure your website runs efficiently and at optimum speed, we also care about the security of your website. An SSL certificate means an extra layer of security and your customers can be sure of feeling secured about online interactions made with your website like passwords, credit card number submission and so on; it’s all supported by our dedicated security team in UK.